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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 14:15

Fight Lab 32 Review

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Fight Lab 32 Review

UrFight Road Show

This weekend, July 27th 2013, The UrFight Team pack up the van and headed to Charlotte North Carolina for Fight Lab. This was the first time we have been to the Fight Lab promotion, but the rumor is it's one of the best fight promotions in North Carolina.

Charlotte North Carolina is about a 3 hour trip from the home base of UrFight in Elizabethton TN. It is a spectacular drive with many views and challenging turns through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

The Fight Lab venue is at NC Music Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina. The venue is easy to find with lots of parking and is a perfect fit for the show. This promotion is not a typical promotion that were used to going to. The Fight Lab fighters and fans seem to have a crazy raw emotion that exemplifies the Fight Lab logo. The majority of MMA shows that we go to are more laid back and controlled, but this show is rampped with energy and passion. I LOVED IT!

Fight Lab promotions brings an energy filled and testosterone driven atmosphere of an underground fight club. The booming system and super cool DJ are able to hype the crowd with the assistance of Monster Energy drinks, Budweiser, and my favorite, Lima-A-Ritas.

The Fight Lab fight card was stacked with fighters that include Joe Pacheco, Nick Smith, and Kieth Richardson. It was a great night of competitive fights and big knockouts and sweet submissions. I can't wait for the next show...

Thursday, 23 May 2013 07:07

UrFight Road Show | Rumble on the Hill

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UrFight Road Show | Rumble on the Hill

2013-04-27 UrFight Road Show Rumble on the Hill Video Review

On April 27, 2013, the UrFight Road Show headed to Glenville, WV for the Rumble on the Hill.

Rumble on the Hill was headlined by former Glenville football player Wes Hanson. Wes did not disappoint the packed house, neither did the entire fight card. The fight card was stacked with amateur fighters that attend college at Glenville to some other young professional standouts.

The UrFight team stayed at the Conrad Inn, one of the two hotel options in the area. The rooms were only $50, and the friendly staff made up for the outdated rooms. There is a cool little bar across the road that the UrFight crew enjoyed; The more beer you drink, the softer the beds gets.

2013-04-27 UrFight Road Show Rumble on the Hill was a huge success and a lot of fun, but the UrFight Road Show is ready to move on to the next combat sports events.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 13:03

Valor 8-Man 153 LB Grand Prix Tournament

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Valor 8-Man 153 LB Grand Prix Tournament

By Cody Guinn

Quarter-Final 1: Roman Sharp vs. George Arellano

The first quarter-final bout of the night in the 153 LB Grand Prix Tournament was a bout between Roman Sharp (Cage for Christ/Clinton, TN) and George Arellano (Blalock’s IMB/Chattanooga, TN). Sharp was a late replacement for Paul Occhino, who was unable to compete. Arellano was very aggressive throughout the bout including multiple knockdowns. Arellano used many different combinations including throwing a barrage of body and head kicks. Sharp didn’t go without a fight though as he pushed the action with many good shots of his own including one that bloodied Arellano’s nose. In the end, Arellano was too much and was on the winning end of unanimous decision victory.

Result: George Arellano by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-24)

Quarter-Final 2: Nick Baker vs. James Adcock

The next bout in the 153 LB Grand Prix Tournament was between Nick Baker (Independent/Talbott, TN) and James Adcock (KMAA/Knoxville, TN). Adcock was fighting in his home gym and was the clear fan favorite. Both men came out swinging wildly with heavy punches and leg kicks. Adcock would take an early advantage as he pushed the pace and hit Baker with a nice combination. Baker would retaliate with some crisp boxing to end the first round. Baker comes out with a very hard body kick that landed low. Adcock used all the time allowed before being able to return to action. The two men would each rock one another in the second, but Baker would be the one to end the round with a flurry of punches. The 3rd round seen Adcock push the pace early landing a hand overhand and some nice body shots. When it seemed Baker may be hurt, he would come forward landing some big punches and avoiding danger. The two would fight until the final bell and to the disappointment of the hometown crowd; Nick Baker would be awarded the unanimous decision victory. Result: Nick Baker by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Quarter-Final 3: Kyle Jones vs. Billy White

The third quarter-final would matchup Kyle Jones (Team Ludus/Johnson City, TN) and Billy White (Elite Martial Arts/Lafollette, TN). Kyle Jones came out aggressive and would just put a beating on White as Jones would continue to corner White and just unleash nasty combo after nasty combo. Jones would earn two knockdowns in the first frame with his nice boxing combinations. In the 2nd, Jones would begin working the inside leg of White with some hard leg kicks that slowed the pace of White very much. Jones would work the leg and then return to his boxing combos and would finish White with three knockdowns in the round.

Result: Kyle Jones by TKO at 1:28 in the Second Round

Quarter-Final 4: Tyler Hunley vs. Treven Armstrong

In the final quarter-final matchup, two hometown guys faced off as Tyler Hunley (Overdrive MMA/Knoxville, TN) faced off against Treven Armstrong (Team TKO/Knoxville, TN). Both men came out very fast with Hunley gaining the early advantage pushing Armstrong up against the ropes. Neither man was able to get off anything big as both men would clinch when they felt in danger. Hunley would continue to push the pace in the second round as he landed many nice combos and was countering nearly everything Armstrong threw at him. Hunley would pin Armstrong up against the ropes and landed a nice combo as Armstrong attempted to counter with a kick. Soon after, Armstrong dropped sighting an injury and the referee was forced to end the fight. Hunley said after the fight that Armstrong, “kicked a sharp part of his body with his ankle and said that he felt is foot basically fall apart.”

Result: Tyler Hunley by TKO at 1:58 in the Second Round.

Semi-Final 1: George Arellano vs. Nick Baker

In the night’s first semi-final bout in the 153 LB Grand Prix Tournament, George Arellano (Blalock’s IMB/Chattanooga, TN) went to battle with Nick Baker (Independent/Talbott, TN). Both men won their previous fights by unanimous decision. The first round was all Arellano as he punished Baker with many body kicks. Arellano would switch it up a bit and catch Baker with a head kick as Arellano used nice head movement to avoid taking any damage. Baker came out much more aggressive in the second round, but Arellano would continue his devastating attack on the body throughout the second. The third round begins with both men bleeding from the nose. Arellano rocked Baker with a shot to the body and pushes for the finish, but Baker survives. In the end, Arellano’s relentless attack was too much and he walked up with the win and advanced to the Grand Prix Finals.

Result: George Arellano by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Semi-Final 2: Kyle Jones vs. Tyler Hunley

The final semi-final matchup featured Kyle Jones (Team Ludus/Johnson City, TN) up against Tyler Hunley (Overdrive MMA/Knoxville, TN). Both men finished their opponents and opened up the fight looking to add another finish to their record as they both swung wildly. Hunley would be the more aggressive of the two early as he backed Jones into the corner with a nice combo. Both try to utilize their reach by establishing their jabs as Hunley continued to push forward. Hunley opened the second round very similar to the first using his clear speed advantage. Hunley would land some nice body shots as Jones began to slow. The third seen Hunley use great head movement to avoid damage. Jones would rely too heavily on his jab as Hunley began to read it and land nice counters. Jones would land a heavy straight that rocked Hunley, but Hunley survived and did enough to earn the victory. Hunley will now face Arellano in the finals.

Result: Tyler Hunley by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Grand Prix Tournament Finals: George Arellano vs. Tyler Hunley

The final bout of the night is the 153 LB Valor Grand Prix Tournament Finals featuring George Arellano (Blalock’s IMB/Chattanooga, TN) and Tyler Hunley (Overdrive MMA/Knoxville, TN). Both men have already won two fights and both now step into the ring for a third and final time for all the marbles. Hunley started things off with a flurry that pushed Arellano back. Arellano landed a nice kick to the body, but Hunley continued to use his speed advantage to control the pace. Arellano opens the second round once again bleeding from the nose and Hunley continues to push forward landing crisp combos. Both men spent the majority of the fight in the clinch, but Hunley remained in control for the bulk of the fight. Hunley would stick to the same game plan in the third that he had in rounds one and two and would march right through Arellano to win the Valor 153 LB Grand Prix Championship.

Result: Tyler Hunley by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

I spoke to Hunley following his victory and about a poll done on the Valor Facebook page on who the favorite was in the tournament. I asked if as one of the favorites, it added any pressure and he replied, “It’s about half and half. If I’m one of the favorites and I don’t win, than it kind of falls back on me. But, it definitely ended up helping and the support was great. It’s great knowing many people thought I was going to win.”

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The Ultimate Fighter Episode 1 CageJunkies Recap

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The Ultimate Fighter Episode 1 CageJunkies Recap

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Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter kicked off Wednesday night on Spike TV with a 2-Hour season premier in Las Vegas. As soon as Dana White gave his “Do you want to be a f**king fighter?”

speech, and before this season’s coaches Michael “The Count” Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller could even pick their teams, fighters had to immediately step into the Octagon and fight their way into the infamous Ultimate Fighter house. Dana announced that this time around, fans will be voting for the best Knockout, Submission, and Fight of the season, in which the recipients would be receiving $25,000. This season consists of Featherweight and Bantamweight contenders from all over the world, and the fights did not disappoint. I’d even venture to say the first 4 fights of this season were better than any of the fights of the last few years. These guys were fast, jumping around, flipping off the cage, and fighting their hearts out to get inside the house. The first 7 fights all ended in finishes. Dana White, Bisping, and Mayhem sat cageside and took notes as these guys went at it. They even watched two brothers, Josh Ferguson and BJ Ferguson, who fight in the same weight class, fight tough guys with one of them winning (Josh), and the other (BJ ) losing to a triangle choke.
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