Adam Prime Time Townsend has the Sickest 3FC Walkout Shirt

Congrats to Adam Prime Time Townsend for winning the sickest 3FC Walkout Shirt Poll Winner: Adam “Prime Time” Townsend

Who has the sickest 3FC Walkout Shirt

Congratulations to Adam “Prime Time” Townsend for winning the “Who has the sickest 3FC Walkout Shirt” poll.

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Great job Adam – way to GET NOTICED!

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Josh Booher – Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter MMA

josh-booher-mma1Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a easy going person who enjoys the challenges that MMA offers me. I am a loyal person who is loyal to my Team and Coaches and my goal is to strive to be the very best in everything I set out to do.

What is your profession?

I work for UPS but my profession in Martial Arts Instructor and Professional MMA Fighter.

Have you always been an athlete? What sports have you been involved in?

Yes, I was involved in all sports in High School at Virginia High in Bristol, Va. I played Football, Basketball, Baseball and I wrestled. I made it to the Virginia State Wrestling tournament two years while I was there at VHS.

What got you into fighting?

I actually packed up and moved to Florida to train with American Top Team, but as fate would have it, a Hurricane was aimed at Florida and devastated the area I was in. I moved back home and began training with a few wrestlers from a local college, only to find out they had no idea what real MMA training was about. All they wanted to do was spar using no control or protective gear and I ended up getting injured more than training. That was when I crossed paths with my current Coach, 5th degree Black Belt Chris Massie, who owns Mountain Empire Kempo Karate/MMA/Jiu-jitsu. He worked with me for a little over three weeks prior to my title fight at Caged Chaos and helped me get ready for that fight. Since then he has opened more doors for me to completely round out my total game with Machado Jiu-jitsu, Kempo Karate and getting me to train with world class kickboxers who pushed me to the next level.

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Friday, 20 April 2012 15:16

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